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Double-Down on Customer Communications Now

Double-Down on Customer Communications Now

Keep at top of mind with your customers or lose them to the competition

Double-Down On Customer Communications Now

John Holobinko, Managing Director

Undoubtedly, the product selection and purchasing behaviors of consumers (and even businesses) is changed, likely forever.  Over the last twenty four months, the Covid crisis accelerated changes in behaviors that were happening already but at a previously much more gradual pace.  This has great significance to your business. Today, a continuing presence with your customers is imperative to your success.  Not only does the term “Out of site, out of mind” fit this environment, but if you aren’t in your customer’s mind, new competitors are likely to fill the void.  

Consider a customer that always used to buy from you. Today when that customer makes a new purchase, it is more likely to be with a company that has consistently reached out to them.  Figuratively speaking, if you haven’t consistently communicated to your customer, you have been moved either to the virtual bottom shelf or even stuffed behind and out of sight and mind.

If you aren’t touching your customers and prospects at least once per week through emails or social media postings, you are putting yourself at a competitive disadvantage. But what to communicate and when?

Customers don’t want just a sales pitch.  Yes, it is great to hear about new products or services.  But they appreciate useful information.  It doesn’t have to be profound, but it does have to be useful.  And most importantly, you need to establish a regular cadence of posting – the same time each week.

But how do you find the time to create postings?  The first thing I tell people to do is to create a list of topics that might resonate with your customer base.  Take a single sheet of paper.  Begin to write ideas.  Over the course of a couple of days, come back to your list and gradually build on it.  Saturdays and Sundays are a good time to do this, or during a relaxed evening.  After a week or so you should have a good list going.

Next, make a schedule for posts.  For example, if I were to do an email post per week I might alternate with one product oriented post followed by one post taken from the topics on my list.  In fact, you might seriously want to consider doing two posts per week on different days – one being product based and the other a topical story.

The main thing is you must carve out the time to do the posts every week.  If you post for a few weeks and stop, the silence will be conspicuous.  However if you do post regularly, expect your customers to come to you more often for products, to bounce ideas off of,  In other words, posting will improve your customer intimacy and move you to the top shelf in their brain.

It’s your choice: top of the shelf or bottom of the bin….

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