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Invest 5 Minutes To Improve Your Business Success

Invest 5 Minutes To Improve Your Business Success

It is easy to get too caught up in the details of operating your business and not be able to make improvements. There always seem to be more work to be done each day than there are hours in the day.  You know there are a number of things you would like to change about your business, but how can you ever possibly find the time to do them all?  You are driven.  Working harder isn’t possible – you are already stretched to the limit. There seems to be no solution. 

The problem most leaders have is thinking of all the changes as a whole.  Of course, making one project to create and implement all those changes is impossible.  It is a formula for failure right from the start, and so logically you do not try.

Chances are that you,  like most highly driven people, are too hard on yourself.  You only see big and likely discount the small.  But to effectuate change you need to discipline yourself to think small, do small, and most importantly celebrate small successes.

So here is where I want you to invest 5 minutes each month:

  • Take out your calendar and define a recurring 5 minute time on the same day once each month.  (You might choose the first day of the month or something else that works for you.
  • At the appointed time, I want you to take those 5 minutes to think of one very small task you can do to improve your business.
  • Over the next month, do that task or assign it as appropriate.  Just make sure it is small and it can get done.
  • When the next 5 minute scheduled time happens a month from now, congratulate yourself on your mini-success and define another small task.  If you find that you did not complete the task, redefine a smaller task for the next month that you know you can get done.  It doesn’t matter how small it is, just that it is a positive change to the business.

After a few months, looking back, you will have achieved a number of small wins that add up over time.  You will have accomplished a number of things, that if you had put on one list day one, would have seemed overwhelming.

To summarize:

  1. Schedule a fixed 5 minute slot each month
  2. Pick a simple task
  3. Do it
  4. Most importantly, be sure to congratulate yourself on your mini-success
  5. Wash, rinse, repeat

You will soon find that you can effectuate change without it feeling overwhelming, and you will begin to be excited about creating your mini projects.

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