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Pamela Fender is a hard working, local Realtor, Assisting People in Buying and Selling Homes. Relocating Services. Home Staging Services and Short Sales and Foreclosures. 

Real Estate is my passion and I have served over 100+ clients – the excitement of seeing them get into their new home never gets old. Some never even thought they could buy or ever own. I love serving others and respect my profession and it never gets old. I enjoy helping someone selling their own property and walking them through the process and getting it ready, calming the nerves, and going through the emotion of saying goodbye when you never knew you were attached to that home. I work in multiple markets with my passionate team who keeps me steady and we are serving Rochester, NY and Charlotte, NC! We can assist with just my team in relocating from New York to North Carolina and back. I look forward to you hiring me to assist you with your needs!

Pam Fender is highly engaged with the local community. She serves on multiple boards including the Pineville Chamber of Commerce and is involved in supporting local charities. She enjoys leveraging her work and her connections to do good for the community around her.

Call 704-750-8140 for more information!


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